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For more than 2 decades Duncan Toombs has been playing guitar behind Australia’s biggest Country Artists. (Kasey Chambers, Troy Cassar- Daley, Adam Brand, Lee Kernaghan, Beccy Cole, Adam Harvey & Gina Jeffreys)  Over the last 12 months Duncan has emerged from playing in the shadows to the spotlights of centre stage releasing his very own collection of songs on his Debut Album – “Steel On Steel”.

“Steel On Steel” is a collection of beautifully crafted, heartfelt, powerful songs, inspired by Duncan’s family. Dedicated to Duncan’s late father, Bob Toombs, this album showcases Duncan’s remarkable talent as a sensitive and perceptive songwriter featuring some stunning vocal performances.

“Steel On Steel” is a rare debut album that reveals an incredible degree of maturity,craftsmanship, and emotional depth for a brand new songwriter. With Streaming for his album fast approaching 1 million streams this Australian Aria Number #1Country Album has created massive waves here in Oz and has fastbecome a favourite among fans and fellow Artists throughout the OZ music industry. Duncan’s live shows are nothing short of spectacular. The atmosphere Duncan creates leaves his audiences spellbound by the heart and passion woven into the lyrics of Duncan’s songs. Over the last 10 months Duncan has made the front of the stage his new home, wowing audiences all over the countrywhilst touring with Beccy Cole & Adam Harvey.The spotlights are finally revealing to fans across the world thetalents that Duncan has been hiding for some time. This highlyawarded filmmaker and sought-after guitarist to the stars is set to stand amongst our brightest stars.


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