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3:30PM – 5:30PM
Join Duncan and his friends as he performs the songs from his Debut
Album Steel on Steel.
Surprise Guests Artists.

Duncan Toombs

Since the release of his debut single, ‘Run’, in June 2022 Duncan Toombs has made the front of the stage his new home.

Wowing audiences all over the country whilst touring with Beccy Cole and Adam Harvey for the last five months, the spotlights are finally revealing to fans and fellow artists the talents that Duncan has been hiding for some time.

With streaming for his two singles now approaching the 300K mark, this highly-awarded filmmaker and sought-after guitarist to the stars (Kasey Chambers, Adam Brand, Lee Kernaghan, Beccy Cole, Adam Harvey, Adam Eckersley Band), is set to back it all up and round out a stellar year with his single, ‘A Gift’, out on December 30.

A Gift’ is a beautifully woven ballad that showcases Duncan’s warm heartfelt vocals.

Its gently spoken lyrics are relatable to us all and reflect on life, love, family and this beautiful planet that we all share.  Duncan shared some of his thoughts about writing the song.

“I wrote A Gift when the world stopped during COVID-19,” he said.

“I had a lot of time to reflect on different things, as did a lot of my friends in the music industry. During the lockdowns I remember feeling grateful for everything my journey in music had given to me. I often try to be consciously grateful for my family, friends and opportunities the universe has blessed me with, but the lockdowns really brought these thoughts and emotions to the surface. I truly think life here on earth is a gift.”


A Gift’ was recorded at The Music Cellar (Central Coast, NSW) with an all-star band handpicked by Duncan and his co-producers, Scott Bird and Rod McCormack. It has proven to be a favourite amongst the few who have been able to hear Duncan’s upcoming album.


Duncan has our industry on the edge of its seat, waiting to hear his debut album ‘Steel On Steel’. With songs like ‘A Gift’ Duncan keeps setting a high bar for contemporary country music here in Australia.

Long-time friends and fellow artists had this to say about Duncan.

There is a warmth that washes through you when Duncan Toombs takes the spotlight.

His voice is powerful and rich and you get a sense of his beautiful heart when he delivers his honest lyrics. His songs feel like home.

Whether he’s tearing apart a guitar solo or moving a crowd with his vocal performance, Duncan is a show stopper. He’s been 6ft from stardom too long, I’m delighted to see him stepping into the middle.

I could be his biggest fan,

Beccy Cole

Duncan Toombs is not only one of my favourite guitar players but he’s just released a recording showcasing his songwriting talents and his great vocal ability.

Duncan is the essence of true country music that is so rare these days, his traditional style reminds us of where country really should be heading!!

Bill Chambers

“Duncan Toombs has one of the most authentic modern Country sounds you’ll hear.

After capturing our hearts for so long as an A class musician, he is now ready to put his stamp on the Australian country music scene as a singer & a songwriter.

Many of us have been waiting for Dunc to share this other side of his talents and I’m happy & proud that the time has finally come!”

Kasey Chambers


Duncan Toombs has spent the last 20 years making many other artists sound good.  Now it’s his time to show the world what he can do, which is something I’ve known for many years.  He’s a master craftsman, with effortless vocals.

Adam Brand


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